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New Samsung Updates 25 - 3 - 2015: Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 New Updates, Many Indian and Arabic Firmwares Online

Wednesday, 25 March 2015 06:37 TSAR3000

What's New:

This update contains many new updates for the Samsung Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5, The new updates came for Galaxy A3 SM-A300F, SM-A300G, SM-A300H, SM-A500FU, And SM-A500G.

The Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 4 got new Android Lollipop updates too, The new updates came for SM-G900FD, SM-G900F, SM-G900M, I9500, I9505, And SM-N9005.

You can check the complete details about the new Samsung Updates and Firmwares in the list below.

New Samsung A300F Firmware Updates:
A300FXXU1ANL3 | OJV1ANL1 Arabic 4.4.4
A300FXXU1AOC1 | OLB1AOC1 Southeast Asia 4.4.4

New Samsung A300G Firmware Updates:
A300GDXU1AOC2 | OLC1AOC1 Southeast Asia 4.4.4

New Samsung A300H Firmware Updates:
A300HXXU1AOC1 | OJV1AOC1 Arabic 4.4.4

New Samsung A500FU Firmware Updates:
A500FUXXU1AOB4 | OXX1AOB1 XEO Poland 4.4.4

New Samsung A500G Firmware Updates:
A500GXXU1AOB2 | ODD1AOB2 India 4.4.4
A500GXXU1AOB2 | OLC1AOA1 Southeast Asia 4.4.4

New Samsung G130E Firmware Updates:
G130EXXU0ANL1 | OJV0ANL1 Arabic 4.4.2

New Samsung G355M Firmware Updates:
G355MUBU0AOB2 | UUB0AOA3 CHO Chile 4.4.2

New Samsung G7105 Firmware Updates:
G7105XXUBOB1 | FTMBOB1 France Orange 4.4.2

New Samsung G850F Firmware Updates:
G850FXXU2BOA2 | VFG2BOA1 VOD UK Vodafone 4.4.4

New Samsung G900F Firmware Updates:
G900FDXXU1BOC1 | OXE1BOC1 SER Russia 5.0
G900FXXU1POCF | VFV1POCG VD2 Germany Vodafone 5.0

New Samsung A300F Firmware Updates:
G900MUBU1BOC1 | ZTO1BOC1 Brazil 5.0

New Samsung G901F Firmware Updates:
G901FXXU1BOC4 | EVR1BOC4 UK EE 5.0.2

New Samsung I8200L Firmware Updates:
I8200LUBUAOB1 | ZTOAOB2 Brazil 4.2.2

New Samsung I9500 Firmware Updates:
I9500XXUHOB8 | SERHOB8 Russia 5.0.1

New Samsung I9505 Firmware Updates:
I9505XXUHOB7 | BTUHOB4 UK 5.0.1
I9505XXUHOB8 | YFGHOB4 CNX Romania Vodafone 5.0.1

New Samsung I9515 Firmware Updates:
I9515XXU1BOC3 | OXA1BOC3 XEO Poland 5.0.1

New Samsung J100H Firmware Updates:
J100HXCU0AOB2 | DBT0AOB2 Germany 4.4.4
J100HXCU0AOB2 | EUR0AOB1 Greece 4.4.4
J100HXXU0AOC1 | OLB0AOC1 Southeast Asia 4.4.4

New Samsung N9005 Firmware Updates:
N9005VJUGBOB1 | ZTOGBOB2 Brazil 5.0
N9005XXUGBOB6 | EURGBOB1 Greece 5.0
N9005XXUGBOB6 | ITVGBOB3 Italy 5.0
N9005XXUGBOB6 | OXXGBOB4 ROM Romania 5.0

New Samsung N910C Firmware Updates:
N910CXXU1BOC3 | OXA1BOC3 XEO Poland 5.0.1

New Samsung N910P Firmware Updates:
N910PVPU1BOB7 | SPT1BOB7 SPR Sprint 5.0.1

New Samsung N915G Firmware Updates:
N915GXXU1BOBC | ODD1BOC1 India 5.0.1

New Samsung P600 Firmware Updates:
P600XXUDOC1 | XEFDOC1 France 4.4.2

New Samsung P905 Firmware Updates:
P905XXUAOB1 | SERAOB1 Russia 4.4.2

New Samsung S7580 Firmware Updates:
S7580XXUBOA1 | XECBOB1 Spain Movistar 4.2.2

New Samsung T111M Firmware Updates:
T111MUBUAOC2 | ZTOAOC1 Brazil 4.2.2

New Samsung T210 Firmware Updates:
T210XXBOB1 | EURBOA1 Greece 4.4.2

New Samsung T211 Firmware Updates:
T211XXBOA3 | XEOBOA1 Poland 4.4.2

New Samsung T230NU Firmware Updates:
T230NUUEU0AOC1 | XAR0AOC1 Cellular South 4.4.2

New Samsung T235 Firmware Updates:
T235XXU1AOB2 | OXX1AOB1 PHE Spain 4.4.2

New Samsung T320 Firmware Updates:
T320XXU1BOC1 | OXA1BOC1 BTU UK 4.4.2

New Samsung T325 Firmware Updates:

T325XXU1BOC1 | OXA1BOC1 DBT Germany 4.4.2

New Samsung T365 Firmware Updates:
T365DDU1ANL3 | ODD1AOB1 India 4.4.4
T365XXU1AOA3 | BTU1AOB1 UK 4.4.4
T365XXU1AOA3 | OXE1AOB1 SER Russia 4.4.4

New Samsung T705 Firmware Updates:
T705XXU1ANL3 | BTU1AOA1 UK 4.4.4

All The Above Firmwares and Updates can be downloaded at our Free Samsung Support Section, In case you have a slow Internet connection, You can check this page.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 March 2015 06:45

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