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Samsung CSC Code Finder Application, Free and Offline

Wednesday, 17 May 2017 17:43 TSAR3000

Samsung CSC Code Finder Application, Free and Offline

CSC Code Finder App

The quantity of Samsung Android Smartphones and Tablets Firmwares are growing so fast everyday, In addition to the releasing of many new Samsung Models, So you need an easy way to know what Firmware is suitable for each Samsung Model according to the market or country it will be sold to, Or it comes from.

As you may know that Samsung Firmwares come with special names and codes, And these names and codes are related to the Model, Country, And Carrier, Like the one below:


This Samsung Firmware is for:

Model: SM-G955W
Country: Canada
Carrier: Bell Mobile

But how can we know that?

It is very easy to know the model, As you can see it in the Firmware name ( G955W ), And in this case the W is related to Canadian Market.

But how can we know for which carrier is this?!!!

The answer is this ( BMC ) code, This letters is a CSC Code ( Consumer Software Customization ) and BMC CSC Code = Bell Mobile Canada.

There are a lot of Samsung CSC Code, and it is not easy to keep them all in mind, So you need a simple tool which can help you to know.

We made this Tool for you, It is Free, Offline, and you can use it on your Android Smartphone whenever you need it, This tool is:

CSC Code Finder Application

- What is CSC Code Finder Application?

It is a simple but very useful application, It helps you to know the country and carrier of any Samsung Android Firmware.

- Where do I find this CSC code?

You can find it in all Samsung Android Firmwares, It looks like this: ( CSC Code for this Firmware is FTM )

- How to use CSC Code Finder application?

We make it very clear and easy, All you have to do is:

1- Open the application.

2- Click on " Open The CSC Code List"

3- Select the wanted CSC Code from the list, Or you can search it.

4- Click on the selected CSC Code.

5- The app will show you the available information about this CSC Code.

Where To Download CSC Code Finder App?

- Download it from Google Play Store ( Download )
- Download it from Direct Download Link ( Download )

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