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How To Factory Reset / Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy J7 V SM-J727V - All Methods

Monday, 14 May 2018 17:58 TSAR3000

Galaxy J7v SM-J727V Factory Reset

Good To Know: You can use the explained steps in this Factory Reset Guide, To Hard Reset or Factory reset the Samsung Galaxy J7 V with Model number SM-J727V from Verizon wireless USA.

Two methods are explained in this guide, The first one you can use it when your Galaxy J7 V is powered on, When the second one is used when your phone is Powered off. All Steps are well explained and you do not need any special knowledge or experience to perform this process. Read and follow these steps and you will do it.

What is Samsung Factory Reset, Samsung Hard Reset, And Samsung Master Reset:

First of all, Keep in mind that Factory Reset = Hard Reset = Master Reset, They have the same definition, So if you were asking " What does Factory Reset do? " Then in simple words, the Samsung Factory Reset means" Erasing and Removing all the data, Applications, And settings added or stored by the user, And restore the device to Factory Settings".

Why it is important to learn how to Factory Reset / Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy J7 V SM-J727V:

It is very useful to learn how you factory reset your Samsung Galaxy J7 V because this operation can fix many software errors and problems. We listed below some of them:

- Fix the phone freeze and hang on problem.
- Fix hang and stuck on Samsung logo problem.
- Fix the slow and incorrect responding of Samsung Galaxy J7 V.
- Fix force close error in Samsung phones.
- Remove the pattern lock.
- Remove user code.
- Remove phone code.
- Before you sell or donate your Samsung Galaxy J7 V, To Wipe all your data (Contacts, SMS, Photos, Applications, Videos,... Etc.)

What to do before Factory Reset / Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy J7 V SM-J727V:

1- Backup all the wanted data (Contacts, SMS, Photos, Videos,... Etc). You can use Samsung Smart Switch software to backup all your important data.
2- Make sure that you know the Google account name and password.
3- Any other Email accounts info.
4- Samsung accounts info.
5- Any other log-in info and settings you used on your Samsung Galaxy J7 V.
6- Ensure your Samsung Galaxy device has enough charge level (50%) at least.


What are the best methods to Factory Reset / Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy J7 V:

The First Method - Samsung Galaxy J7 V SM-J727V Factory Reset from Settings Menu:

1- Tap Settings icon from the home screen.

Samsung Settings Icon

2- Tap General management.

General Management Option

3- Tap Reset.

Reset Button

4- Tap Factory Data Reset:
At this point the Android OS will tell you that all data will be erased from your phone. Including your Google account, System and app data, Settings, Downloaded app, Music, Pictures. And all other user data, So make sure to backup anything you need before moving to next steps.

Android Factory Data Reset

5- Tap Reset:
Once again the phone will remind you, That all your personal information and downloaded apps will be erased and can't be recovered.

6- If any password,PIN code, Or pattern is requested, Then enter it and tap Continue.

7- Tap Delete all.

Delete All Button

8- Wait for the Factory data reset process to be completed, And the device will reboot.

9- Done.

The Second Method: Samsung Galaxy J7 V SM-J727V Factory Reset from Recovery Menu:

1 - Ensure your Samsung Galaxy J7 V is powered off, If not, Then turn it off.

2 - Press and hold the Volume Up and Home buttons.

3 - Keep the above two buttons pressed then press and hold the Power button too.

Galaxy J7V Factory Reset Keys

4 - Wait until the Android logo appears, Then release all buttons.

Android Logo

5 - An exclamation mark and Android Logo will appears on your phone's screen.

Enter Recovery Menu

6 - If the device stays on this screen, You can try to tap on the screen. Or press the Power button first, Then press the Volume Up button to enter into the Recovery Menu.

7 - After a few seconds, you will see an Android Recovery menu on the screen with many options.

Samsung Recovery Menu

8 - Use the Volume Down button to select Wipe Data/Factory Reset option.

Wipe Data / Factory Reset

9 - Use the Power button to confirm your selection.

10 - Now use the Volume Down button again to select "Yes"

11 - Confirm it by pressing the Power button.

12 - Wait for the Factory reset process to be completed.

13 - The Android Recovery menu will return and Reboot System Now option is highlighted.

Reboot System Now

14 - Press the Power button to reboot your Samsung Galaxy J7 V.

15 - Done, Congratulations. You have restored your Samsung Galaxy J7 V to its original factory settings.

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