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PIT and OPS Files for Samsung Android Mobile Phones

Saturday, 23 June 2012 13:39 TSAR3000

PIT and OPS Files for Samsung Android Mobile Phones


PIT and OPS files:

We try to give you the most we can of Pit and Ops files to use with Odin flasher but you are taking the complete Responsibility to use them, So in case you are not sure what or how to use do not use any.

A300F: Download

A300FU: Download

A300G: Download

A300H: Download

A300XU: Download

A300XZ: Download

A500F: Download

A500FU: Download

A500H: Download

A500K: Download

A500XZ: Download

A700F: Download

A700FD: Download

A700H: Download

B5330 - B5330B: Download

B5510 - B5510B - B5510L : Download

B5512 - B5512B : Download

B7510 : Download

B9062: Download

B9120: Download

B9150: Download

B9388: Download

C101: Download

C105: Download

C115: Download

D700 : Download

E500F: Download

E500H: Download

E700H: Download

G110H: Download

G130E: Download

G130H: Download

G130HN: Download

G130M: Download

G310HN: Download

G313H: Download

G313HN: Download

G313HU: Download

G313HZ: Download

G350: Download

G350E: Download

G355H: Download

G355HN: Download

G357FZ: Download

G360F: Download

G360G: Download

G360H: Download

G360HU: Download

G360M: Download

G360P: Download

G386F: Download

G386T: Download

G386U: Download

G530FZ: Download

G530H: Download

G710: Download

G730A: Download

G750A: Download

G800F: Download

G800H: Download

G850A: Download

G850F: Download

G870F: Download

G900A: Download

G900F: Download

G900FD: Download

G900H: Download

G900P: Download

G900T: Download

G900T1: Download

G900V: Download

G901F: Download

G3502: Download

G3502C: Download

G3502i: Download

G3508I: Download

G3509: Download

G3509i: Download

G3519D: Download

G3606: Download

G3608: Download

G3609: Download

G3812: Download

G3815: Download

G3818: Download

G3819D: Download

G5108: Download

G5108Q: Download

G5109: Download

G5306W: Download

G5308W: Download

G5309W: Download

G7102: Download

G7105: Download

G7106: Download

G7108: Download

G7200: Download

GC100: Download

GN120: Download

I317: Download

I317M: Download

I337: Download

I337M: Download

I435: Download

I435L: Download

I497: Download

I509U: Download

I510: Download

I515: Download

I527: Download

I537: Download

I545: Download

I699i: Download

I747: Download

I800: Downlaod

I899: Download

I919: Download

I959: Download

I5500 - I5500B - I5500L - I5503 - I5508 : Download

I5510 - I5510L - I5510M - I5510T : Download

I5700 : Download

I5700E : Download

I5800 - I5801 : Download

I7500 : Download

I8150 - I8150B : Download

I8160: Download

I8160P: Download

I8190 - I8190N: Download

I8260L: Download

I8262: Download

I8262B: Download

I8268: Download

I8530 : Download

I8552: Download

I8552B: Download

I8558: Download

I8730: Download

I9000 - I9000B - I9000M - I9000T : Download

I9001 : Download

I9003 - I9003L : Download

I9010 : Download

I9060: Download

I9070 : Download

I9070P : Download

I9082: Download

I9082L: Download

I9100 - I9100M - I9100P - I9100T : Download

I9100G : Download

I9103 : Download

I9105: Download

I9105P: Download

I9128: Download

I9128E: Download

I9128V: Download

I9152: Download

I9158: Download

I9190: Download

I9192: Download

I9195: Download

I9195L: Download

I9200: Download

I9205: Download

I9208: Download

I9210: Download

I9220 : Download

I9230: Download

I9250 : Download

I9260: Download

I9268: Download

I9295: Download

I9300 : Download

I9305: Download

I9308: Download

I9500: Download

I9502: Download

I9505: Download

I9506: Download

I9507: Download

I9508: Download

J100F: Download

J100FN: Download

J100H: Download

J100ML: Download

L710: Download

L720T: Download

M819N: Download

M919: Download

M919N: Download

N750: Download

N750L: Download

N750S: Download

N5100: Download

N5110: Download

N5120: Download

N7000 - N7000B : Download

N7100: Download

N7102: Download

N7102i: Download

N7105: Download

N7108: Download

N7108D: Download

N7502: Download

N7505: Download

N7505L: Download

N8000: Download

N8010: Download

N8020: Download

N900: Download

N900A: Download

N900P: Download

N900R4: Download

N900V: Download

N900W8: Download

N910A: Download

N910C: Download

N910F: Download

N910H: Download

N915F: Download

N9002: Download

N9005: Download

N9006: Download

N9007: Download

N9008: Download

N9008V: Download

N9009: Download

P600: Download

P601: Download

P605: Download

P605M: Download

P605V: Download

P900: Download

P901: Download

P905: Download

P1000 : Download

P1010 : Download

P3100 : Download

P3110 : Download

P5100 : Download

P5110 : Download

P6200: Download

P6210 : Download

P6211 : Download

P6800 : Download

P6810 : Download

P7300 - P7300B : Download

P7310 : Download

P7500 : Download

P7501: Download

P7510 : Download

P8110: Download

R350: Download

R380: Download

R381: Download

R382: Download

R750: Download

R970C: Download

S735C: Download

S970G: Download

S975L: Download

S5280: Download

S5282: Download

S5300 - S5300B - S5300L: Download

S5301: Download

S5302: Download

S5303: Download

S5310: Download

S5312: Download

S5360 - S5360B - S5360L - S5360T - S5363 : Download

S5570 - S5570B - S5570L : Download

S5570I : Download

S5660 - S5660L - S5660M - S5660V : Download

S5670 - S5670L : Download

S5690 - S5690L : Download

S5830 - S5830B - S5830C - S5830L - S5830M - S5830T : Download

S5830I : Download

S6010 - S6010L: Download

S6012: Download

S6102 : Download

S6310: Download

S6310N: Download

S6310T: Download

S6312: Download

S6500 : Download

S6802 : Download

S6810: Download

S6810P: Download

S7262: Download

S7275R: Download

S7392: Download

S7500 - S7500L : Download

S7562: Download

S7580 - S7580L: Download

S7582: Download

S7710: Download

SC01C: Download

SC02B: Download

T110X: Download

T111: Download

T210 - T210R - T210X: Download

T211: Download

T311: Download

T999: Download

T2105: Download

V700: Download

W789: Download

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