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How To Update Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330 Firmware Using Odin and Original Firmware Package

Tuesday, 23 October 2012 07:54 TSAR3000

How To Update Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330 Firmware Using Odin and Original Firmware Package


Samsung Galaxy Chat GT-B5330 is a new model from Samsung brand, And as we can notice that it comes as Chat device with QWERTY keyboard to make it easier when writing, Also the phone has 3.00 inches screen with 240 X 320 pixels and Multi-touch support. The 1200 mAh battery gives you about 14 hours of talking time and when it comes to CPU you should know that Galaxy Chat has single core 850 MHz processor, The phone has 2MP camera to make your video and upload it to YouTube using the built-in services , FM radio, A-GPS, WIFI and Bluetooth V3.0.

We have to mention that there are some negative points in Galaxy Chat like low resolution display and camera, No flash and Autofocus for its camera, And no Front camera too.

This Tutorial will try to explain the complete steps you should do to Update the firmware of your Galaxy Chat by using Odin program, USB cable and original firmware package, So before you start read the steps and get all the tools too.

Tools and Drivers:

- Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Chat GT-B5330 Firmware Package:
Select and Download the wanted Firmware package for your phone and extract it.

- Odin original flasher: B5330 Galaxy Chat and extract it.
- USB Drivers: Download and install this drivers to let your PC recognize the device when connected and it is better to restart your PC after installing the drivers.

Firmware Update Steps:

- Turn your phone off and remove Sim and Memory Card from it.

- Run Odin program and check the following options:

Auto Reboot - Re-Partition - F.Reset Time

- Click on PIT button and select: Zanin.pit

- From the Extracted Firmware package you have to select files in the following order to use them in Odin program:

Bootloader: BOOT_B5330xxxxxx_REV05.tar

PDA: CODE_B5330xxxxxx_20120603.122112_REV05_user_high_noship.tar

PHONE: MODEM_B5330xxxxxx_REV05.tar

CSC: CSC_Oxx_B5330Oxxxxxx_20120603.122112_REV05_user_high_noship.tar

- Now put the phone into Download Mode: Press Volume Down key + OK Key + Power Key.

- After you see the Warning message press Volume Up Key to enter Download Mode.

- Connect the phone to your PC via USB cable.

- If your PC starts installing drivers then wait till it is finished.

- Look at Odin's window and make sure it detects the Com port that your phone takes:

If the phone's drivers is installed correctly you will see 0:[COMxx] when xx is the com port number so everything is OK.

- Click Start button to let Odin downloads the selected firmware files into your phone.

- during the update process it is very risky to stop the program or remove USB cable from phone so let it done without any interruption.

- When the update process is done the phone will be rebooted.

- If you see PASS! word at Odin's window then the update was successful.

- Disconnect your phone and wait till it is fully on.

- It is better to do Full Reset by this Code: *#87976633# and let the phone rebooted.

- After it is on again you can use the setup wizard to select your favorite settings and enjoying your updated phone.

Important Notices:

- The Update or Flash operation will not Sim-Unlock your device ( Unlock B5330 Galaxy Chat ).
- Use Stable PC for the update and never use USB Hub to connect the device.
- Fully charge your device's battery before updating it.
- Keep in mind to backup any wanted data from your device before the update.
- If the firmware package contains only one big file then use it in PDA field and no need to check Re.Partition option or use Pit file.

Useful Links:

- Unlock Samsung B5330 Galaxy Chat by Cable or IMEI Online ( Powered by SRS ).
- Download Samsung Galaxy Chat Firmwares: GT-B5330.

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