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How To Unlock The Bootloader of Samsung Nexus 10 - P8110

Thursday, 03 January 2013 15:06 TSAR3000

How To Unlock The Bootloader of Samsung Nexus 10 - P8110


The Samsung Nexus 10 comes with locked bootloader by default, But unlocking it is possible, After you do it you will be able to access everything in its Software & Hardware without limitation, Also you should know that others can access them too, Specially your personal data, So be aware.

Keep in mind that the unlock operation will wipe all your saved data, So make a backup of everything you don't want to loose.

The needed Tools and Files:

- The original USB cable of your Samsung Nexus 10.
- Samsung Nexus 10 Fastboot Drivers: You can download it Here, Extract it to be used later.
- Fastboot Tool: Download it from Here, Extract it to C:\ to use it later.

Bootloader Unlock Steps:

1- Turn Off your Nexus 10.

2- Put your Nexus 10 into Fastboot mode: Hold Volume Up Key + Volume Down Key then press Power Key until get the Fastboot menu.

3- Connect your Nexus 10 to your PC via its USB cable, When your PC asks you for drivers browse for the extracted Fastboot Drivers folder.

4- Wait until USB drivers installed correctly.

5- From Start menu go to Command Prompt ( Black window with white input text ).

6- If you are not at C:\ then In the opened black window type CD.. and hit enter until you are in C:\

7- Now type: CD fastboot to get into fastboot folder.

8- Type this command: fastboot devices and hit enter.

9- Now you should get your connected device ID, So everything is ok till now.

10- At this step you have to type this command and hit enter: fastboot oem unlock

11- Look at your Nexus 10 screen to verify the command by selecting YES

12- Your tablet will reboot and all your data will be deleted.

13- Now your Nexus 10 Bootloader is unlocked, So you can install custom roms, Custom recovery and more.

Notice: In case you want to relock your Nexus 10 bootloader all you have to do is changing the command in step 10 to: fastboot oem lock


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