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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ User Manual / User Guide (PDF)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ User Manual / User Guide (PDF)

by TsarJanuary 7, 2021

As the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ has a lot of new features and functions, So it is so helpful to have a complete User Manual (user guide) that can guide you to discover all those interesting features and functions. And show you how to use the Galaxy Tab S7+.

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What is inside the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ User Manual?

Here is a simple list of what you can learn from this user manual:

  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ overheating situations and solutions, And Precautions for device overheating.
  • The Galaxy Tab S7+ layout and functions (Hardware buttons, Soft buttons, Speaker, Microphone, SIM card / Memory card tray, …etc.).
  • Charging the Galaxy Tab S7+ battery and Reducing the battery consumption.
  • How to use the Fast charging feature in the Galaxy Tab S7+.
  • Install and remove the SIM and Memory cards in the Galaxy Tab S7+, And format the memory card.
  • Turn the Galaxy Tab S7+ On and Off, And force restart the phone.
  • All you need to know about the Samsung account (Creating a Samsung account, Finding your ID, And resetting your password, Removing your Samsung account.).
  • Transfer your data from your old phone to the Galaxy Tab S7+.
  • Hide the navigation bar.
  • Display the screen in landscape mode.
  • Change the screen lock method.
  • Capture a screenshot on your Galaxy Tab S7+.
  • Change the language on the Galaxy Tab S7+ and its keyboard’s language.
  • Install and uninstall apps on the Galaxy Tab S7+, From the Galaxy Store and Google Play Store.
  • Block phone numbers.
  • Block text messages.
  • Activate and Deactivate the Secret mode.
  • How to use the Galaxy Tab S7+’s Camera and customize its settings and shooting modes.
  • Use the Multi Window feature and split-screen view.
  • What is the Game Launcher and Game Booster, And how to use them.
  • Connect the phone to Wi-Fi networks.
  • Change the calls ringtone.
  • Adjust the brightness of your phone’s display.
  • Change the wallpaper and themes on Galaxy Tab S7+.
  • Troubleshoot the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+.
  • And Much More…

Where to Download the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ User Manual?

Just Click on the Download button below to download the official Samsung user manual for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ (in PDF format) and start exploring your device.

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