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How To Take A Screenshot on The Samsung Galaxy M20

How To Take A Screenshot on The Samsung Galaxy M20

by TsarFebruary 27, 2024

It is very easy to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy M20. Even You do not need to use or install any additional application on your Samsung phone. You can capture a screenshot on the Galaxy M20 using its Hardware keys.

How To Take A Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy M20 using its Hardware Keys:

1- Get the content you want to capture ready on your phone’s screen (webpage, Game score, WhatsApp chat…etc).

2- Press and hold the Power and Volume Down keys at the same time for about 2 seconds. You’ll hear the camera shutter sound and see a short flashing animation on the phone’s screen.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Hardware Buttons

3- The Galaxy M20 operating system will save the captured screenshot in the Screenshots folder. To see the screenshot photo go to Gallery App > Screenshots. Or you can use My Files app to open the Screenshots folder.

4- Once you find the screenshot photo, You can share it with your friends and family via any Social application, Email, Or send it to another device via a Bluetooth or WiFi connection. Or any sharing options available on your Samsung Galaxy M20.


  • The resolution of the captured screenshots is the same as your Samsung device screen resolution (Samsung Galaxy M20 has 1080 x 2340 pixels of Display Resolution).
  • You can edit the screenshot photos the same way you do with any other photos and images.

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